DMAG issues joint COVID advice

20 December 2021

In recent meetings with representatives of the UK Government and devolved administrations, discussions have focused on the Covid variant Omicron and its likely implications for our sector. Whilst there is a great deal of uncertainty around the virus, it is clear from the initial work carried out by government scientists that it is extremely contagious, more so than the previous Delta and Beta variants. As a result it has the potential to have a significant impact on workforce attendance as an increasing number contract the virus and have to take sick leave and self isolate.
Therefore, DMAG are calling on all members to ensure that their resilience measures are in place, staff split into separate bubbles, where possible working from home, additional staff capacity is available through multi skilling and measures are in place to be able to offer/receive mutual support if necessary with other funeral directors, crematoria, cemeteries, manufacturers and suppliers.
We would also suggest that wherever possible extra service availability is made available at the earliest opportunity to enable funerals to take place as soon as reasonably possible to ensure mortuary capacity is protected.  
Finally double down on all the Covid Security measures contained in government legislation and recommendations.