Policy: The use of limousines for funerals during the coronavirus pandemic

 Many funeral directors offer a limousine service to families as part of their funeral packages. But since the introduction of Covid-19 social distancing rules, it has been extremely difficult for limousines to be used safely, due to the risk of virus transmission between the driver and passengers. There has also been a need to enforce social distancing rules amongst mourners. 

However, new technology in the form of a transparent acrylic screen to separate the driver and passengers has become available, potentially allowing the safer use of limousines with precautions. A range of funeral sector limousine specialists such as Wilcox Limousines and Superior Automotive is supplying this technology. Funeral businesses should consult their motor insurance providers and notify of any modifications before taking to the road. 

The specifications of the Perspex divider is the funeral directors responsibility to determine their measure of prevention of the spread of COVID-19. For instance, is it a full fitting divider screen from roof to floor and to the door pillars each side? What gaps for airflow and if the gaps are on the floor, rather than head height? This forms part of the risk assessment. 

Importantly, this guidance is aimed at helping to facilitate the safe use of limousines during the pandemic; it is not intended to signal that all funeral directors should now start offering a limousine service if they feel unable to do so.