Scottish Government : Important reminder – COVID-19 Staying Safe and Protecting Others

31 August 2021

Scotland has moved out of the COVID-19 levels system, and is now beyond Level 0.

Most of the restrictions on what you can and cannot do have been lifted, and all places and businesses can open. There are no limits on the numbers who can attend weddings, funerals and places of worship.

But remember COVID-19 has not gone away, so there are still some rules and things you can do to avoid getting the virus and stop it spreading.

There are four areas that are still required by law:

  • face coverings must be worn in all the same indoor settings and continue to be required on public transport (unless exempt);
  • hospitality and entertainment venues are required to collect the contact details of customers so that Test and Protect can continue to contact-trace positive cases;
  • as before, businesses, services providers and places of worship must have regard to Scottish Government guidance about measures to minimise risk of exposure to COVID-19 relating to their business, service or premises; and
  • organisers of outdoor events of more than 5,000 people outdoors and 2,000 people indoors will still require local authority permission before they can go ahead, as this will allow us and local authorities simply to be assured of the arrangements in place to reduce the risk of large scale gatherings.

For the funeral sector this means promoting the legal requirement to wear a face covering, unless exempt, continuing to promote Test and Protect adherence and following the best practice COVID-19 guidance.

Please do take all possible proactive steps to promote and reinforce the baseline measures and advisory precautionary measures.