Scottish Government Funeral Sector Inspectorate and Funeral Director Licensing Scheme

23 May 2022

The Scottish Government is progressing implementation of the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016 and the related regulations, codes of practice and guidance which will impact the funeral sector

A key part of this is establishing the Funeral Sector Inspectorate. The Burial and Cremation Team is requesting that all those working in the funeral sector in Scotland sign up now and provide your business/organisation name, address and email contact details as well as which category of organisation/ business:

  • • Funeral director,
  • • Burial authority,
  • • Cremation authority, 
  • • Other.

While some have previously signed up to receive the team’s blog, the legal basis for requesting and retaining your information has been updated. Please look out for a postcard requesting you to provide some information about your business. 

You are being asked to agree to the team retaining that information for the purposes of establishing a database of the funeral sector and to provide you with the important updates about progress of the inspectorate and licensing. The revised privacy notice can be read at:

The sign up page allows you to provide your details, so that you can be added to our list of funeral sector businesses and organisations and is available at:

If you have any questions about this request please contact