Temporary Changes to Cremation Application Forms in Scotland

We are aware that many funeral directors and cremation authorities are experiencing difficulties in obtaining signatures from those applying for cremation due to social distancing and self-isolation in response to COVID-19.

In order to ensure that cremations can go ahead without delay, a new supplementary form can be used by funeral directors when they are unable to obtain a signature.

Cremation authorities will still have the right to ask for additional information about the application but should accept the supplementary form in place of a signature from the applicant.

It is not appropriate for funeral directors to sign the cremation application form. The signature section should be left blank and the supplementary form should be completed. Funeral directors should keep an audit trail that clearly shows the instructions on the application form are those of the applicant.

Please email burialandcremation@gov.scot if you have any questions or concerns.

You can visit the Scottish Government blog for more information or download the form below.